I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts while I’m at work most nights. I have even floated the idea of starting my own, but the fact that I’m very opinionated ¬†does not overrule the fact that I’m also very introverted, so I guess I just stick to venting on facebook every once in awhile…I cant post a link here to embed the ones I listen to because they are nsfw so ill just drop a random pic of myself here:180848_534003986699_3579154_n

Check out

the black guy who tips

the best of the left

the stay woke show



A few of my favorite books

I love to read. I like reading almost as much as listening to music or playing around on my computers. The Alchemist, 48 Laws of Power, and The Art of Seduction are a couple of my all time faves. As you may have noticed, I listed 2 of Robert Greene’s best sellers there; his work speaks volumes to me about the world we live in and how it all works. Pimpin’ Ken’s knockoff version of one of his books, The 48 laws of the Game, wasn’t a bad one either. Even better, the book Greene wrote with rapper 50 cent The 50th Law was a good one too.FB_IMG_1477051670442

Faith & Hope

In April of 2014, the universe decided to remind me that I carried the twin gene. I had completely forgot that twins were rampant on my mom’s side of the family. Well, until that last day in April that is. Their mom let me name them, and I chose Faith Serenity and Hope Destiny. They are fraternal twins, complete opposites too. Faith is the shy one that looks more like me, while Hope takes after her mom and seems to be a natural leader, engaging with anyone or thing that crosses her path.


Josie is my oldest daughter, from a previous marriage. She’s 11 years old and lives with me. Honestly I can say without a doubt she is my motivation to finish my degree because I want her to believe and know she can do anything she puts her mind to. Here’s a few pictures of the lil-miss-wanna-be-grown-up:IMG_20131128_133037_636

My First blog post

I created this site for an assignment, not entertainment, so don’t judge me!

This really is my first blog post, and I’m staring at this screen right now with a good case of writers block but im going to power through it. Facebook is so much easier to express an idea than this…I see why Zuckerberg¬†is rich now.MomentCam_20141004_212139